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An oasis of peacefulness and beauty nearby the Voronet Monastery, the Arinis park and the Soimul ski slope !

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Enjoy your meal !

You can make reservations using the following telephone number: 0725.050595, 0740.038711, 0230.234244 or the email address

Have your meals at Carmen Silvae !

Un gastronomic ritual which must not be missed at Carmen Silvae!

You can have all three meals of the day here, in our 60 seats restaurant, in the lounge in front of the garden or on the terrace. After a copious breakfast, you are facing a true gastronomic challenge for lunch and then later, for dinner. From the list with appetizing dishes, you can choose the the boletus borscht or the beans and smoked meat soup with red onion served in bread, the fried ram pastrami with polenta and garlic sauce, the traditional tochitura from Bucovina, or a fried trout with garlic sauce and sour cream.

The hot sizzling grills fill your plates with chicken legs or brisket, pork chops, sheep pastrami, fresh trout, Romanian cevapcici, saussages, all served ith a good plate with pickles. And as every meal must end with a dessert, sweeten yourselves with some home made cheese pies, with some honey and nuts pancakes, or with a big serving of cheese donuts with cream and home-made jam.

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